Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009- It's Time to Make Your Health A Priority

We've all heard it before, " Without your health, You have Nothing"....right? We've all nodded and agreed and then..... turned around and did Whatever we wanted, Right?

Then, one day, we wake up and there's a pain here, an ache there, our sugar levels are slightly elevated ( along with cholesterol), we're feeling tired all the time...blah, blah know the story.

All of a sudden we now remember the saying, " Without Your health, You Have Nothing"

You see, we as a people, tend to disregard the crucial elements of our health unless....WE ARE FEELING UNHEALTHY. We tend to put everything else as priority and then, one day, as though you miraculously acknowledge, realize and admit, " I just don't feel good"
Sometimes we'll give the credit to age and say, "Oh, I'm just getting older", which is true, and exactly the reason we must address this scientific fact:

Second Law of Thermodynamics state that everything is in a state of decay.
The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics describes basic principles familiar in everyday life. It is partially a universal law of decay; the ultimate cause of why everything ultimately falls apart and disintegrates over time. Material things are not eternal. Everything appears to change eventually, and chaos increases. Nothing stays as fresh as the day one buys it; clothing becomes faded, threadbare, and ultimately returns to dust. Everything ages and wears out. Even death is a manifestation of this law. The effects of the 2nd Law are all around, touching everything in the universe.

Each year, vast sums are spent to counteract the relentless effects of this law (maintenance, painting, medical bills, etc.). Ultimately, everything in nature is obedient to its unchanging laws.

As we age we are in a state of "decay". This is not something that happens at age 40, 50, 60, 70, but rather is an ongoing process in our life. This is one of the reasons that Antioxidants have become so popular. They have become the so called cure for aging...or anti- aging.

Glutathione is quickly become the most popular molecule that many have been searching for. It is considered the most powerful antioxidant available and is sold in many health stores. There is a problem with this though, the molecule itself when ingested will be destroyed in your digestive system before the benefits of it can be felt. So now what?

Did you know that Glutathione is made in your body? Did you know that the production of this powerful antioxidant is slowed down from the time you are 20 years old? Did you know that you can take the precursors of this molecule which will allow you to synthesize Glutathione in your own body and thus have a continuing supply working within every cell of your body?

I will be writing more on this regularly since this is a topic I find most intriguing with due cause:

I have witnessed the incredible effects of this chemical/Antioxidant.

Please click here for more details.

This is an article that my husband Allen Smith wrote from the blog. He is an advocate for truck drivers and trucking students and continues to relentlessly aid them in their goals of obtaining a successful trucking career. He is concerned about trucker health as well, and has written articles regarding this very important topic.

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