Friday, October 16, 2009

It Been Awhile, But I'm Back

It feels so great to be posting again. I've been working very hard with the iPhone Trucker Application, following up on the many contacts and great people we met at the Great American Truck Show in Dallas, Tx

Another major dedication of time was helping Hope Rivenburg get to GATS ( Great American Trucking Show) so she could continue to get the word out about Jason's Law HR 2156.

Allen and I started a post on the AskTheTruckerBlog requesting donations and with the help of TJ Graff of, we were able to gather the funds through the generosity of many, and got Hope and her children to GATS.

Allen and I and so many other dedicated truckers are continuing to fight to make sure that Jason's Law is passed. We''ll be scheduling a Blog Talk Radio Show with Congressman Paul Tonko of NY State ( Introduced the Bill HR2156) Soon!

Here's a couple of links to catch up and see what I've ( We've) been up to.

I'll Be Back!!!

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